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canadianfundwatch.com         The Fund OBSERVER            Mid- September,  2008

Interesting Primer on Investing: This new self-published book is written by a retail investor who suffered through the school of hard knocks. Navigating through all the beartraps of the Canadian financial services industry isn’t easy -this plain language investment primer will definitely help .The author, Gail Bebee, doesn’t come out of the industry and she is definitely pro-investor in her writings. Her academic background includes undergraduate studies in biology and a Master of Environmental Engineering so already we can relate to her. Stan Buell, also an engineer, President of the Small Investor Protection Association www.sipa.ca says “It is refreshing to read this book...rather than books by industry insiders. It provides an objective look at investing and, will be of great benefit to all small investors.”, The sections on investment funds and structured products hit the nail on the head –conflicted advisers, high fees and unmanaged tax exposure. If you avoid just one of the toxic products she identifies you’ll recover the price of the book many times over. For less than $25 bucks you can save yourself a lot of money and pain by digesting this easy to read book .No hype- The Straight Goods on Investing Your Money ISBN: 978-0-9784455-0-8 208pgs
All the investing basics for Canadians from a savvy financial industry outsider

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Web: www.nohypeinvesting.com
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 http://www.canadiancapitalist.com/2007/12/11/book-review-no-hype-the-straight-goods-on-investing-your-money       [ Disclosure : I’m an engineer too]

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